Martomate logo
This is my Tetris game that I have made.
(Martomate as the very readable image above tells you :P )
Java 7 needs to be installed, you can find it here
All the menubuttons (ingame) are not working because they are comming features.

Below is the .jar file ready for you to be downloaded.

Have fun :D


Alpha 1.2

Download 2012-12-28
  • Fixed focus problems
  • Added game-backup
  • Removed ESC button action from Menu screen
  • Removed background from the game
  • Fixed some other stuff

Alpha 1.1

Download 2012-10-19
  • Fixed random Menu-crash
  • Fixed bug with buttons
  • Added score, level and level-dependent drop-time
  • Minor bugfixes

Alpha 1.0

Download 2012-09-25

First release