TriPaint is like Paint, but for triangular images with triangular pixels. One might wonder what such an image could be used for. Most screens have square pixels, so to display an image with triangular pixels will allways result in a loss in quality. However, there are use cases. In a 3D world there will be a loss in quality both for square pixels and triangular ones. Therefore one can use triangular images in a 3D world, and that's the reason this program was made. In my Hexagon game I have both squares and hexagons, and both shapes need textures. The hexagons can be divided into six triangles, and can therefore be textured with triangular images. If one side of a hexagon block uses a 32x32 image, then the top hexagon will have to use triangular images of size 32 for the edge pixels to match and make it look like the block consists of prism voxels. A triangular image of size 32 will actually be saved as a normal 32x32 image where the pixels can be mapped to a triangular image as needed.


2017-05-11 12:52:00
First release
Basic editing available, and more to come in the future.