Created 2017-04-08

Paint, but for triangular images with triangular pixels!


Created 2017-01-30

2D wave simulation.


Created 2016-10-28

Planets with unnatural reflectivity, rendered with ray tracing.


Created 2016-06-08

Gravity simulator!


Created 2015-05-14

Minecraft with hexagonal blocks on a cylindrical world!

For the exit

Created 2014-12-06

Ludum Dare 31.

The blue orbs

Created 2013-12-28

This is my entry to Ludum Dare 28 (december 2013) which is a competition
where you make a game in a weekend (48 hours) on a specific theme.
This was my first time participating.
The theme was You only get one , and the goal in the game is to bring the blue orbs to the center.


Created 2013-07-31

This is some 3D tesing made by me.


Created 2013-03-18

This is a 2D game made of tiles (squares).
It has some really nice transitions between different tile types.
I'm thinking of adding something to do with magic and evolution :)


Created 2012-12-05

This is a very simple looking game where you can shoot at equilateral polygons.


Created 2012-06-08

This is my Tetris game that I have made.
This was my first game.